Saturday, June 2, 2007

who cares????? its not your life!

i hate it when people expect you to be like everyone else. its not any of their biz is it???
so what if i hate pink n im a girl? so what if im loud? so what if i think tween shows on t.v are all crappy? so what if i hate the stupid heiresses and their trashy friends? its not affecting anyone's life is it. my opinion. not theirs. i hate hilary duff, why? coz she's dumb, annoying n probably anorexic. not the perfect role model is she? but everybody loves her. o n watbout paris hilton? she can drive without a licence, do some more crazier stuff n get away with it all.( im happy she gets to go to jail though). n people make her their role model. but no. they are all right aren't they? people who look pretty n have cash in the bank can get away with anything. and people still love them. but when i actually have enough sense to say that these drunk morons are drunk morons, im criticised, called jealous, n called 'wannabe'. as if! why cant the stupid people just let me be me? im supposed to pretend i liked some trashy show just to be accepted by some bunch of weird people i dont really give a damn about??? no way. that aint happening. not now, not ever! i'd rather do things i like with people i like rather than try to be a part of the crowd. why do i have to try to be like them? they probably dont like what they r doing anyways. i think they just dont have enough guts to admit they like different things.
u cant even dress the way u want today. u'r forced to keep up with the trends if u dont want to get laughed at. haha. very funny. she isnt wearing a hairband, she thinks bandannas are still in. lets all laugh at her! why though??? she's wearing what she wants, likes what she is wearing, and probably thinks the bandanna looks cool on her. besides as long as u are wearing clothes, u shudnt care about what others are wearing. and who btw tells u wats in n wats not? designers?? who's business it is to make new clothes n sell it by promoting it as a new trend? the rich n famous??? who r wearing it coz the designer said it looked fab???? dont u c! its all a marketing gimmick! n we r falling for it. we have all become slaves to the society!!!!! we r doing wat they want us to do. like cows in a herd or something! it just isnt fair that u arent allowed to do what you want to, but do what you r told. isnt that slavery in a sly form? and we laugh at people with originality! look at wat we have become- pawns in the players hand!
id rather do wat i wanted to- its my life anyways. and anything i do should not bother anyone! if it is, they should get a life of their own. my life aint a soap opera for people 2 sit n watch.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

spiderman 3!

this movie was one of those movies i was desperatley waiting to watch.
according to a lot of people the movie was all nonsense and some of them laughed wen peter cried but i guess they all forgot something really important.

before he was spiderman, he was a normal human being(peter parker) who has feelings. so its pretty normal to cry. guys crying is a lil weird but that just shows he loves M.J that much.

and this other thing that was completely weird is what harry's butler told him in the end. why couldnt he have told him what he told him in the 2nd movie???? it wouldve saved us 20 min. (the movie was 20min longer than normal movies) .

the movie was good. and spiderman was no wimp. he was actually being as human as he could. which is not retard anyways. besides all superheroes cant pretend not to feel emotions and all. they are after all mutilated humans(hope im not offending anyone) (also hope the word chosen is right).

anyways, i would recommend the movie to a friend. coz it is after all SPIDERMAN 3.

life is just not right!!!!!!

life isnt exactly one of those brilliant stories you would read in a isnt even one of those sad, depressing annoying books! first of all it isnt even a book. so i think we shouldnt try reading into it. but we still do. atleast i try to find some weird meaning of life. but somehow every conclusion i arrive at just isnt what id want it to be.

according to me, there are so many people in the world, that if you died some day, only your immediate family would one else. they may shed a few tears, but after a few months, no one really would bother all that much!

and then again, you also want your life to be one of those morally right stories. but that way you are just restricting yourself........we all (including me at times) care too much about what THE OTHER PEOPLE say. but why are we actually?????? its not like the other people are us, or we are them, so we dont really know what would be the most appropriate thing to do if we were the others or the others were us . so i think we should live life the way it seems acceptable to us rather than how someone else would want us to live.

what are we working towards in our life anyway???????? this is the stupidest part of the weird society. we all say we live only once, but we still do monotonous things all the time. its just tooo contradictory dont you think, here we are saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

and i dont see why we need to butt in on others life's or let them poke their nose into ours. all the people you know want to have a say in what you do.
for eg: somebody gets married to someone who is not of the same background or watevr. but soon the whole town is talking about it like the somebody committed sin or killed someone or something, without even bothering to see that the somebody is happy with their life and CHOSE to get married to whomever they did get married to.

and who gave people the authority to kill other people huh? sure that person who is being killed may have killed other people, but by killing him you are also doing the same thing: killing someone . so dont you think you should die too? and yeah he is guilty. he needs to be punished, but dont you think his conscience will kill him? pretty much the reason why adolf hitler died anyways.

so if u have noticed, its all a chain of people ruling over other people. so even though the constitution states that you have freedom of speech and expression and that you are a free being you technically arent! you are constantly being monitored and not allowed to be yourself by the society. its just the system that is all wrong and too bad we cant really do anything to change it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

am i to be blamed??????????

it was the result day at school yesterday and a my class teacher said she had just heard a day before that i answered back a teacher........that is wrong ofcourse, but she obviously didnt know why.......but since'll tell you why , you be the judge.
that certain teacher was constantly picking on me evry class. she constantly singled me out n said i was oversmart n all.
when i answered a question in her subject she would try to say what i said was wrong n make faces n say rudely,"sahana dont act oversmart. i know you are very intelligent but you dont need to act off."
n when i answered wrong, she would say" should know this no?? so smart you are " in a very sarcastic way.
she never even taught very well. she just likes those kissass kids.....n i refuse to be one of them. the worst part is, you can never ask her anything thats not in the textbook........which i did once or twice to which she had to "say you think you are smarter than the teacher". well i didnt really think so until she said that. like this she kept on singling me out n yelling at me....n so my temper wore off n i said, "what i said is right teacher.and i dont think im oversmart"......n then she asked me to keep quiet to which i said,"atleast allow me to justify myself" to which she just sort of grunted n then took off- " you girls think you are smarter than the teacher....i dont want to teach in your class...... you do whatever you want. i hate to teach in this class, all are indifferent" n then went on n on n onnnnnn about how 'some people' in the clas disrespect her n all.

according to a friend the teacher doesnt like being asked questions she doesnt know the answer to. she thinks my teacher is insecure.......well all that is ok. but how will people get to hear my side of the story?
i'll still the the ill mannered back answering kid. that too wrongly accused.
am i wrong??? i dont think so....n i know im not.

Monday, April 9, 2007

cristiano ronaldo!


well i am a chelsea fan......i dislike manchester united......except for this one player. there are some friends n people who ask me why n say im not true blue coz i like him.....but seriously,who cares? apart from mine,it should be no one's business. but then i still feel i have to justify myself on this one.

well,first of all he plays awesome football. if you have watched the joga bonito video you'll know im not lying. if you havent, just watch one of his matches. he is a pleasure to watch......much like lionel messi.

then secondly, look into the picture. he looks amazingly good. which girl would not fall for looks like that????????

and then ofcourse,he is not an english player.......i dont like the english players that much..... they play stiff football. they lack on the talent front.(except for the chelsea players)

he gives his best to the game.

and is awesome on the a great winger.

i think its bcoz of him that manchester united are doing this good this season.

and i can like someone who's not in chelsea, bcoz i like the game......... i'll put it like this, u like your friends but you still love your family. sometimes you may like friends more than family(im not talkin bout immediate family although that is not impossible,it just seems so for me) but family is where you belong. another example can be like india got chucked outta the cricket world cup and then us indians started supporting other teams. i support australia this world cup,but its the indian cricket team that i love.(not sooo much right now,but i like em better than others)

n so,although i absolutely adore cristiano ronaldo, i still am a chelsea fan. and still belong to the chelsea family.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

why people like the moon.

i think i know why people like the moon. i give you the top 5 reasons according to meeee.

1. duh...the moon is made outta cheese thats why! i like many others, find cheese irresistable.

2. some people who love the sun,think the sun turns into the moon at night and hence take to loving the moon. (those people are the ones id generally like to stay away from)

3.some people think the moon is as small as it looks so they think it would look cool alongside the rest of their belongings ( again i tend to shy away from them)

4. some people are obsessed with fair stuff n since the moon is white, they like it.

5. can't people just like the moon without any reason?????????? they can n thats reason 5

thats my idea....but you may have please leave a comment with your reasons or explaining which reason should not be on the list......if its good ill publish it in the post with due credit to the author.

Kriti said this......
its mysteriousi know i'll never go there to see what it actually is.and that gives me the freedom to believe it to be anything i want it to be!!

why children dislike school (atleast i do).

well ive been thinkin n ive come up with the top 5 reasons why kids dread school. they are as follows
1. no one likes being told what to do. but thats exactly the torture they put us to.

2. has any one heard of homework???????????????? thats the worst thing ever. i mean you study all day,come back home study for some more n then do more school work?????? hello! we have a life here.

3. we wear uniforms (this one is optional) if the teachers can wear whatever they want to,then i believe so can we........i think we arent allowed to wear clothes of our choice coz the teachers'll feel dumb( fashion wise only) and left out.

4. subjects that we never will use anywhere are taught to still wondering why we have to know about history n why the hell should we construct triangles,circles n squares????? n about history, there are like a billion or so sayings which go like forget the past dont think of the future n live in the present......i think someone needs to remind people that we are still being taught history. meet too many stupid people n weird people you never really would have met otherwise.

well that sums it up for me.......but people may have additions to the list in which case, leave a comment n i'll publish it.
luv ya'll