Saturday, June 2, 2007

who cares????? its not your life!

i hate it when people expect you to be like everyone else. its not any of their biz is it???
so what if i hate pink n im a girl? so what if im loud? so what if i think tween shows on t.v are all crappy? so what if i hate the stupid heiresses and their trashy friends? its not affecting anyone's life is it. my opinion. not theirs. i hate hilary duff, why? coz she's dumb, annoying n probably anorexic. not the perfect role model is she? but everybody loves her. o n watbout paris hilton? she can drive without a licence, do some more crazier stuff n get away with it all.( im happy she gets to go to jail though). n people make her their role model. but no. they are all right aren't they? people who look pretty n have cash in the bank can get away with anything. and people still love them. but when i actually have enough sense to say that these drunk morons are drunk morons, im criticised, called jealous, n called 'wannabe'. as if! why cant the stupid people just let me be me? im supposed to pretend i liked some trashy show just to be accepted by some bunch of weird people i dont really give a damn about??? no way. that aint happening. not now, not ever! i'd rather do things i like with people i like rather than try to be a part of the crowd. why do i have to try to be like them? they probably dont like what they r doing anyways. i think they just dont have enough guts to admit they like different things.
u cant even dress the way u want today. u'r forced to keep up with the trends if u dont want to get laughed at. haha. very funny. she isnt wearing a hairband, she thinks bandannas are still in. lets all laugh at her! why though??? she's wearing what she wants, likes what she is wearing, and probably thinks the bandanna looks cool on her. besides as long as u are wearing clothes, u shudnt care about what others are wearing. and who btw tells u wats in n wats not? designers?? who's business it is to make new clothes n sell it by promoting it as a new trend? the rich n famous??? who r wearing it coz the designer said it looked fab???? dont u c! its all a marketing gimmick! n we r falling for it. we have all become slaves to the society!!!!! we r doing wat they want us to do. like cows in a herd or something! it just isnt fair that u arent allowed to do what you want to, but do what you r told. isnt that slavery in a sly form? and we laugh at people with originality! look at wat we have become- pawns in the players hand!
id rather do wat i wanted to- its my life anyways. and anything i do should not bother anyone! if it is, they should get a life of their own. my life aint a soap opera for people 2 sit n watch.

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Kriti said...

we're all born free. it's good to see that there are some people who want to stay that way! Take a helluva lot of effort though..but keep the faith!! :)