Saturday, May 12, 2007

spiderman 3!

this movie was one of those movies i was desperatley waiting to watch.
according to a lot of people the movie was all nonsense and some of them laughed wen peter cried but i guess they all forgot something really important.

before he was spiderman, he was a normal human being(peter parker) who has feelings. so its pretty normal to cry. guys crying is a lil weird but that just shows he loves M.J that much.

and this other thing that was completely weird is what harry's butler told him in the end. why couldnt he have told him what he told him in the 2nd movie???? it wouldve saved us 20 min. (the movie was 20min longer than normal movies) .

the movie was good. and spiderman was no wimp. he was actually being as human as he could. which is not retard anyways. besides all superheroes cant pretend not to feel emotions and all. they are after all mutilated humans(hope im not offending anyone) (also hope the word chosen is right).

anyways, i would recommend the movie to a friend. coz it is after all SPIDERMAN 3.


sreedhar said...

hey... i watched spiderman 3. it was OK! just that there were new villians and new stunts..
Did u watch Fracture ? Anthony Hopkins and Van gosling... Amazing movie


Kriti said...

mutilated? i guess not! :)

a humane super hero..can save the world and is sensitive too! the ideal man ;)