Saturday, May 12, 2007

life is just not right!!!!!!

life isnt exactly one of those brilliant stories you would read in a isnt even one of those sad, depressing annoying books! first of all it isnt even a book. so i think we shouldnt try reading into it. but we still do. atleast i try to find some weird meaning of life. but somehow every conclusion i arrive at just isnt what id want it to be.

according to me, there are so many people in the world, that if you died some day, only your immediate family would one else. they may shed a few tears, but after a few months, no one really would bother all that much!

and then again, you also want your life to be one of those morally right stories. but that way you are just restricting yourself........we all (including me at times) care too much about what THE OTHER PEOPLE say. but why are we actually?????? its not like the other people are us, or we are them, so we dont really know what would be the most appropriate thing to do if we were the others or the others were us . so i think we should live life the way it seems acceptable to us rather than how someone else would want us to live.

what are we working towards in our life anyway???????? this is the stupidest part of the weird society. we all say we live only once, but we still do monotonous things all the time. its just tooo contradictory dont you think, here we are saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

and i dont see why we need to butt in on others life's or let them poke their nose into ours. all the people you know want to have a say in what you do.
for eg: somebody gets married to someone who is not of the same background or watevr. but soon the whole town is talking about it like the somebody committed sin or killed someone or something, without even bothering to see that the somebody is happy with their life and CHOSE to get married to whomever they did get married to.

and who gave people the authority to kill other people huh? sure that person who is being killed may have killed other people, but by killing him you are also doing the same thing: killing someone . so dont you think you should die too? and yeah he is guilty. he needs to be punished, but dont you think his conscience will kill him? pretty much the reason why adolf hitler died anyways.

so if u have noticed, its all a chain of people ruling over other people. so even though the constitution states that you have freedom of speech and expression and that you are a free being you technically arent! you are constantly being monitored and not allowed to be yourself by the society. its just the system that is all wrong and too bad we cant really do anything to change it!

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Kriti said...

:) its so refreshing to read your blog!an unbiased view that is expressed so well!

i guess people are afraid to live what they say. it takes a lot of guts to break free from the chains of the society and not too many people have that. when you try breaking the chains,other people's insecurity takes over.and they dont let you break free easily.

and of course you can try to change it!keep the faith and do what you think is long as you dont step on someone else's toes, i guess its ok!! :)